VOBA - Events

12 Feb 2018

21st Annual General Body Meeting
The 21st Annual General Body Meeting of the members of the VINCENTIAN OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION will be held at Gulati Hall of the St.Vincent's High School, St. Vincent Street, Pune 411 001, on Saturday 10th March 2018, at 6.30 pm.

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26 Jan 2018

Republic Day - Vincentian Blood Donation Drive
The VOBA along with the VINCA are organizing a Blood Donation Drive on Friday, 26th January 2018, at the Gulati Hall of St.Vincent's High School between 8 am & 2 pm. The drive is supported by Akash Blood Bank, Pune. Their Team of Doctors and support staff will be there supported by volunteers from VOBA, VINCA and others. This has been an annual event over past many years. Do come with family and friends to donate your precious blood. You don't have to be a Vincentian to participate in this drive. Even if you live in the neighbourhood, do make the time to drop in & donate.

23 Sep 2014

Vocational Guidance Session in Gulati Hall for Std X students
Anil Daswani & his batchmates of 1992 (10th Std) triggered a pilot project to conduct Vocational guidance sessions for our current students in the Secondary section. The plan is to develop a mentoring system wherein our students can get an ongoing support and consultation from the vast resources available with Vincentian ex-students. The session was held on Tue, 23rd Sept 2014 at the Gulati hall of St Vincents High School. About 200 students from the current 4 divisions of the 10th Std were be the target audience. The session had 6 presenters with one person acting as the moderator, to speak for 15 minutes each on the following areas: - Entrepreneurship - Marketing - Men in uniform - Banking - Medicine - Engineering - The current choice of questions that the moderator sought answers from each presenter, were on the following lines : - 1. Briefly tell us about your current role and your path to your current role ? 2. What career ideas were you thinking during 10th? Who influenced you? Why? Why not? 3. What did you end up doing in the first 5 years after school? How did that influence your next step? 4. Looking back would you do anything differently? Why? Why not? 5. Anything one you learnt in school not related to academics, that you believe has helped you a lot in life 6. Any one teacher who made a lasting impact on you. What did you learn from her or him? 7. What did you feel really confused or frustrated about during your 10th standard? How did you overcome it? 8. One practice / habit that you had that really helped you during your 10th standard. How does that habit continue to help you in your work today? 9. When you look back, what is the one thing that you wished you had put more efforts into when you were in 10th? Have you been able to develop this quality in yourself today? How? After this session feedback will be taken from the students, teachers and others who attended, so that the plan to roll-out this project effectively and efficiently can be worked upon for the future benefit of our boys at Vincents. The platform of Google Hangout besides teleconferencing was used on the Large screen using the laptop and OH projector with Internet connectivity, and Vincentians in Australia and U.S were spoken to.