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26 Sep 2015

Swimmming Pool at School
Over 40 years ago, a cohort of little kids entered first grade... Some left, some joined later... Eventually graduating from 10th in 1982 and 12th in 1984. At their 25th reunion (in 2007), they made a pledge to give back something permanent and valuable to the school that had contributed so much to what they are today. Something that they had always wanted at the school - and had heard their school had wanted for a long long time.

This was not an easy task... and it took selfless dedication and efforts of many to raise the funds and toil till the task was done. They had to rely on the very teachings their school had imparted to them... To Dare, To Do and To Win! Today, (26th Sept 2015) this dream was realized when the class of 1982/1984 was able to build and donate a swimming pool to their beloved St. Vincent's High School, Pune, India!

To those who could not attend this ceremony in person, it was surreal to be able to attend it via Periscope from all over the world. In the hearts of this class, this day belongs in the annals of treasured collective memories. Vincenti Dabitur!

By Nitin Karandikar